Increasing your added value and competitive advantages

Globalization of the world trade is throwing up many new challenges for the food supplements industry as well.

With increasing competition, cost pressures, ever growing product diversity, the need for smaller batch runs with an attractive packaging presentation has become the keystone to success of the brand in the marketplace.

The supply chain of the industry is therefore in an urgent need to be highly responsive, making flexibility the overriding attribute of all.

We are able to provide you with a full-cycle service targeting the needs of your diversified products yet ensuring maximum flexibility with low batch volumes and maintaining an utmost effective cost.

Thanks to our flexibility and cost efficiency, satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed by meeting their target pricing demands and providing flexible manufacturing and payment terms along with an outstanding level of service.

Being the experts in finished food supplements products field, we offer an unique service of developing the cutting edge product image design for your brand based on your vision, marketing strategy, peculiarities of your marketplace etc. To start, you only need to have an idea…

Our core competencies are:

  • Hard gelatine and HPMC capsules encapsulation
  • Custom formulations
  • Blister packaging
  • Packaging into bottles and cartoning
  • Labelling
  • Product image design

Furthermore we offer:

  • Highly effective subcontracting services for softgels and tablets thanks to our well balanced supply-chain management. A standard bulk products range available.
  • Powders packaging.